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FAQ: How to get your cashback, Frequent asked questions and answers

Here is how to start earning cashback:

Q1: Why I cannot see my cashback in your system after my purchase?

A: Before every purchase, it is recommend that you may follow the below instruction:

1. Clear the browser cache 

2. Login to ourwebiste and click the merchant link

3. Purchase as usual.

A gentle reminder that you need to click our link first before add the item in the shopping cart. If you add the items in the shopping cart first then click our link, the merchant will consider the sale as direct sale.

Offline payment mode will void the rebate.

Please kinldy noted that after you click the merchant link eg from our website and you switch to other side eg and you go back to again. Our rebate partener might not be able to track the purchase properly. It is recommended that you stay in the respective merchant site throughout the shopping process. In case you need to go to other side, you may need to log into our website and click the link again.

After you make payment with respective merchant, our website will update the purchase inforamtion no mroe than 72 hours. After 72 hours you still could not see the rebate status(eg pending or valid), please kinldy submit your purchase record to our for verification. If the autoupdate failed, we may mannually verify the purchase.


Q2. Does sign up bonus count towards the minimum payout?

A: No, sign up bonus, referal bonus and any other bonus do not count towards the minimum withdraw. Eg You have S$5 in your sign up bonus and S$5 confirmed rebate from a merchant, the two amount could not be combined to match the minimum payout S$10.2. Only purchase cashback will be count towards the minimum payout.


Q3: How can I withdraw my cashback?

A:You may log in our website and go to Withdraw Money and fill in the payment details eg receive the fund through paypal. The order may have the following status:

Pending: Order had been captured by merchant.

Validated: Order had been validated by merchant but the merchant had not yet pay us the  commissions.

Declined: Order had been rejected by merchant due to refund or cancellation

Confirmed: The order had been confirmed and cashback had added to your account.


Q4: How often can I make a withdraw?

A: You may make a withdraw any time and any date as long as the balance is more than S$10.2. The fund will be credit to you within 3 working days(working day does not include Saturday, Sunday and all Singapore public holidays). 


Q5: How long can I receive my credit after I make payment with the merchant?

A: Most of the merchant will validate the payment within 60 days. The order will be confirmed once the merchant release the fund to is.

Please kinldy noted that any cancellation or return of the product/service from respective merchant will void or delay the confirmation period of the rebate.


Q6: Why my account is blocked?

A: For account had verified email address. The account will be blocked after the account reached log in limit. If you try to log in the website with wrong password, the account will be locked after 5 consecutive wrong attempt. You may request to reset your password before you reach 5 consecutive attempt.




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