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Flipkey cashback. Earn up to $35 Cashback

Flipkey cashback
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Flipkey cashback

Get cashback for your actions at

Free-to-List Owner Activation Account cashback: SGD35. Number of Occurrences limit: 1. [a]

Converted Traveler - Email Inquiry cashback: SGD 1. Number of Occurrences limit: 1.[b]

Converted Traveler - Booking Request cashback: SGD 5. Number of Occurences limit: 1. [c]

Free-to-List Owner Registration cashback: 0. 


[a] A visitor owns or manages a vacation rental property(ies), successfully completes FlipKey’s “Free-to-List” (FTL) owner sign-up process to add their property(ies) to FlipKey and all TripAdvisor sites for no up-front cost, and the FTL account is reviewed and activated by FlipKey’s activations team. FlipKey reserves sole discretion in activating FTL accounts.

[b] A visitor submits a valid email lead through a contact form on one of FlipKey’s property detail pages (PDPs). Valid email messages include traveler name, traveler email address, check-in and check-out dates, number of guests, and a custom message.

[c] A visitor submits an personal information including valid credit card and authorization to charge the credit card for the quoted amount through FlipKey’s payment funnel starting via a PDP. Payable Booking Requests must include complete traveler name, traveler email address, check-in and check-out dates, number of guests, valid credit card number and payment information and an authorization to charge the credit card for the quoted amount.


$5 $35 cashback
Conditions 1)Cancellation order, return and exchange product will void cashback. 2)Offline payment will void cashback. valid payment is required. 3)Use coupon code from other website may void cashback. 4)Gift card purchase, taxes, delivery fee will not entitle cashback.
5)For hotel, flight, car rental, travel package, and or other ticket reservation, in order to earn cashback. Reservation must be made, payment must be made and customer must show up. 6)Cashback will not be awarded if account involved in any fraudulent orders and or fraudulent activities, or account involved in cheating for cashback system. 7)Cashback will be paid after merchant released payment.
8)Cashback will be updated within 72 hours, if there is no order update, please inform us within 120 hours after you make payment.
9)Payment validation may take 30 to 120 days. 10) Merchant terms and condition applies.
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14 Feb 2016
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